Netherton Nursery, Anniesland  - Nursery Manager - LouiseMcLean. Excerpt from Daily Record - 'Baby Class'

Netherton Nursery manager Louise McLean
is so pleased with the results of baby signing that she's planning a series of workshops to allow her nursery staff to develop their signing skills and move on to finger spelling. She said:
"The mums are all over the moon. I was really surprised at how quickly the babies picked it up but after just one lesson one little boy was able to tell me he was thirsty. And parents taking part are already reaping the benefits."
Gillian McCallum, 28, from Linwood, is delighted at the progress her 13-month-old daughter Millie is making at the signing classes. She said:
"My fiance, Kevin, and I sign with Millie all the time now and so do her grandparents. I admit I was a bit dubious at first because she's so young, but now if she wants her bottle she can let us know, which is really helpful.
It's also very handy if she can tell us if she wants her nappy changed. It cuts out a lot of tantrums. Millie loves music and is always dancing around at home so she loves learning to sign through singing songs and nursery rhymes.
Her vocabulary is still limited to 'mum', 'dad' and recently 'baby', so we're all keen to sign as much as we can, in and out with the nursery. Other mums seem very happy too. Soon the kids will be signing to each other, which will be great fun."
Tracy Savage, 34, of Milngavie, was amazed at how quickly her one-year-old daughter picked up the signs for "milk" and her current favourite, "duck". She said:
"If we're out walking and Leoni sees any kind of bird she'll do the sign for duck. It's the same if she spots one on TV. She has real fun learning to sign through singing and doing nursery rhymes. The children don't even realise they're learning, because they enjoy it so much.
It's also been a great help as her brother Hudson, who's three, is having speech problems and he's picking up signs from Leoni. "My husband, Robert, also joins in so it's a real family affair. It's not something I'd thought about before but I'll definitely be keeping it up."

Heratige Nursery, Pollockshields,  Lorraine Innes - Nursery Manager

"Thank you so much KiddiSign for bringing us the signing classes - it is great to be able to plan in some signing for the under 2's and to watch them progress as the weeks go on. The mums and dads are keen for us to continue our sessions with your company."
Abacus Educare, Blantyre (Partnership Nursery) Isabelle - Nursery Manager

"We have really enjoyed KiddiSign coming to us to pilot their new class/book which is integrated into the nursery day. The staff can learn signing while working and therefore there is no need to keep staff after hours.
"After we had 3 sessions from KiddiSign, I stood in amazement as I watched one baby who was getting frustrated and started to cry but also started to sign that she was hungry and thirsty. We immediately fed her and the crying stopped - great - that's what makes for a smoother day."
Carmyle Nursery School, Carmyle - Nursery Teacher - Lorraine Pratt

"These courses are amazing - Yvonne managed to entertain our nursery class of 3 and 4 year olds plus an unexpected visit from P7's from a local school complete with teachers.
"During the class she noticed that a few non-English speaking girls were having difficulty concentrating on what was being taught and so she involved them a little bit more and by the end of the class these girls were using signs to communicate to their peers - something that I had personally not thought possible. We are continuing to use signs in the Nursery during our nursery rhymes and for integration of the children."

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