About Us

bookHi, I'm Vonnie La Velle, founder of Kiddisign.

In January of 2004, I started helping other parents to sign with their babies after watching a video of babysigning from America.

I learned sign language at night school while running a busy childcare agency and holding baby signing classes.   It was an exhausting time but really worth all the effort when I saw the results from the babies.

The resources on the internet and in books at that time in the UK were few and most of the books on the market were too complicated to use with a new baby.   I decided that a dictionary of the signs with some instruction would be easier for parents to use with a small baby.  I also realised I would have to show parents and childcarers how I taught baby signing in classes, so I have a few free downloads on this website with nursery rhymes that I used to teach the easy-to-learn signs.

During my baby signing classes in Day Care/Nurseries, one of my favourite times to watch was when 3 to 4 year olds would communicate to each other, even though a number of them did not speak English.  The children were integrating in a new way with the signs when their mother tongue was not English.  Eventually the words came along with the signs and then the children became confident in their English speech communication.  This became a new way to teach multi-cultural children to integrate into the English Language in families, Nurseries and Day Care Centers.  What a wonderful time that was for me, the Teachers and the Children.

In 2009, we had the Swine Flu Epidemic.  I knew that if I could reach the masses and let them know that they could let their baby show them they were unwell, it would save some heartache.  I quickly pulled together a Swine Flu Booklet of signs and the media picked up on it quickly.  The BBC in Scotland had 28,000 hits for Kiddisign on their website within an hour!  The radio shows phoned me with interest and I ended up on WBUR Boston Radio, USA with Robyn Young and Newstalk Radio in Ireland.

I also learned American signing through Sign2Me.  So, you can buy Baby Signing with Rollo Bear in the British or American versions in paperback and kindle versions.
(Please note that Kiddisign books are not produced by Sign2Me, but Kiddisign is a certified member of Sign2Me as a teacher/presenter).